Fields of Life is committed to sharing the Christian faith, by collaborating with local communities and churches in East Africa, to bring about positive change through the provision of quality education, clean water, health promotion and other community based projects.

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Providing access to quality education continues to be at the heart of our work. We partner with local churches and communities to deliver educational opportunities and build capacity, because we believe that a quality education is the catalyst for real and lasting change.

Education Projects


WASH incorporates our water & health promotion projects, bringing clean water closer to communities, by tapping into groundwater, drilling wells, protecting springs, harvesting rainwater, providing water filters, improving access to sanitation & promoting good hygiene.

WASH Projects


Africa has the youngest population in the world, so we are committed to seeking ways to create opportunities for young people. We believe the stimulation of local enterprise, economy and the development of skills based, vocational education is fundamental for East Africa.

Enterprise Projects