COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 pandemic is now a major global health threat, approaching 1 million cases and tens of thousands of deaths. If the COVID-19 virus spreads through Africa the way it has here, it will be catastrophic. By acting quickly, you can save lives. 

As of April 2nd, there were 44 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uganda and 82 in Rwanda. Both governments have introduced strict lockdowns, closing schools, banning public gatherings, and enforcing sweeping restrictions on movement and public transport. 

Immediate action is key to responding to the COVID-19 emergency. Fields of Life has a large network across Uganda and Rwanda and is therefore in a strong position to respond effectively due to the scope and close nature of active relationships it has with country-wide partners, schools, and villages where boreholes have been installed. 

We understand that for many, this will not be a time where you feel you can give, and we completely understand, but if you feel you would be in the position to support this important work, please give. And please pray.


  1. You can bring health, sanitation and socialdistancing messages to communities in some of the most vulnerable and remote locations. We’re aiming to reach 250,000 people.
  2. You can help resource an emergency telephone support service to provide accurate and reliable information on COVID-19 to beneficiaries based in rural communities. 
  3. You can provide emergency WASH resources, including handwashing facilities and soap to remote villages where water and soap is limited. 
  4. You can provide extremely vulnerable people with food during this time of crisis.

** As this is a live and ongoing situation, our response may change, and we will be continually assessing the situation to see how we can best respond. All these activities can be done remotely, using phone services and mobile money systems. 


The borehole is the center of the village community.  Each household must visit it multiple times a day, to provide water for their family. However, in times like these, the borehole could also become the central point for spreading COVID-19. Strict hygiene and sanitation measures can stop the spread of the virus in these rural villages. Dorothy is worried about what will happen if COVID-19 spreads to her rural village.  

“There are many elderly people here, who cannot even afford to get to a hospital. We are terrified that this virus will spread to our community, and I also worry about not being able to work, and I am afraid that hunger will get me and my family before coronavirus.” 

You can help Dorothy and thousands of others. You can save lives in these communities, by ensuring the message of good sanitation and hygiene reaches even the most rural people.  

Would you like to fundraise for the COVID-19 response? Click here to find out how you can walk, run, cycle and help us journey to Uganda.

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