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"Coronavirus has worsened the global education crisis, with 1.3 billion children, including 650 million girls, out of education at the peak of school closures" UK GOV

This season has been hard. For some more than others.  

For thousands of children and young people in East Africa, Coronavirus is yet another challenge to contend with. The worries of COVID-19, like the Ebola outbreak, are worsened by having no access to running water, increasing rates of sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, and limited access to education or opportunity. School closures have led to experts warning of an education crisis, with increased domestic violence and adolescent pregnancies.

You can change this.
 Fields of Life LOVE IS

Adrian is 9 years old but just started attending school in 2018. He worries that once schools reopen, he won’t be able to keep up his studies. You can provide study materials to Adrian.

Ruth, 10, has to walk long distances to fetch water for her family. Without any running water in her village, she worries that COVID’19 will come to her home. You can provide safe and clean water to someone like Ruth.

Dorothy is only 12 and since schools have been closed, she spends long periods of time alone and vulnerable. You can protect someone like Dorothy from sexual assault.

Judith was orphaned at 8, sexually abused at 12, and widowed at 20. This pandemic further threatens her livelihood and future. You can provide Judith with new skills in vocational training and bring her hope.

Every donation you give will be doubled

Love is Patient – £24 You can provide study materials to young people during the COVID-19 pandemic

Love is Kind – £36 You can provide safe and clean water during this pandemic

Love Always Protects – £52 You can protect young girls from exploitation through child protection training

Love Never Fails – £100 You can provide one month of a student’s vocational training, bringing hope to a hopeless generation

Will you show what love is this Christmas?

Together we can reach 26,830 people through the provision of education, access to safe, clean water and addressing important issues such child protection and gender inequality during these times. Please consider giving what you can.

Love is


Love is


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