One Child

We are delighted to partner with The Peter Vardy Foundation for the One Child Campaign which aims to ensure that the most vulnerable children in the world’s poorest regions are identified and given the opportunity to go to school and receive an education.

Buy a car, help a child!

When you buy a car or have your car serviced at Peter Vardy, you give one child a chance to go to school. In uniform. With food in their stomachs. And an exercise book on their desk. In short, you give a child a chance!
For every car purchased from Peter Vardy, they will donate £15 on your behalf. This will feed, educate and clothe a vulnerable child in East Africa for one month. If you match their donation, this life enhancing gift will be extended for two months.
For every car serviced at Peter Vardy, they will donate £2.50 or £5 on your behalf. So, it only takes 3 customers to continue to support a child in East Africa.

Click here to see which Fields of Life Schools will benefit from this campaign.

To date, more than 9,460 children have benefitted from this ground-breaking campaign and it has provided daily meals, school uniforms, text books, science and scholastic equipment, trained teachers, awarded best performance, trained communities in Child Protection, WASH and child rights, provided school management training and set up agricultural projects.  Enrolment has increased by 36.3% and retention and performance have increased in the 25 schools in Uganda and Rwanda that One Child has supported.

This incredible campaign has enabled us to change the way that we support the children, schools and communities that we work with, providing them with the skills and tools to effect lasting change, improving the quality of education and ultimately transforming communities. The sustainability and impact of this programme continues to grow day by day, car by car, school by school, child by child.  We give heartfelt thanks to everyone who is involved in One Child.


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