Child Sponsorship

Change a child’s life forever from less than 70c a day

Many children throughout East Africa are deprived of an education. They lack the opportunity to reach their full potential by attending a school.

However, our Sponsorship programme ensures the most vulnerable children are identified and given the assistance to go to school. As a result, they develop skills to enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty and hardship.

When you sponsor a child with Fields of Life you play a significant role in shaping his/her future.

For just €21/€30 per month you can provide a child with: an education; a uniform; a meal and stationery.

Emmanuel Okello, a former sponsored child says: “Thanks to my sponsor I was able to complete primary school and also study at Dara Christian High School where I passed my final exams. Through school, I have been made aware of my unique potential. I have blossomed in my spiritual life. Lasting friendships have been made. I am a witness to the fulfillment of the Fields of Life vision of changing lives and building hope.

Today, I am the most educated in my family. In my village I am the only person pursuing a legal career. I am immensely grateful to my sponsor for this opportunity and I know that my life will continue to be transformed.”

What do I receive?

When you sponsor a child, you will receive a pack with some background information and photographs of your sponsored child and family.

On an ongoing basis you will receive 2 letters, as well as a Christmas Card from the child you sponsor.  Although some of the little ones are too young to write, they make up for it with colourful artwork.

For more information on how to sponsor a child or to find out more about child sponsorship please contact [email protected] or download the Fields of Life Child Sponsorship leaflet.

We love to share stories from the field! Therefore, you can read about how sponsorship has changed the lives of Levixone, Jerry, Geoffrey and many more in our Latest News.

How far does my money go?

€21 a month gives a primary child:

– a chance to go to school
– a meal
– a uniform every year
– exercise books/stationery

€30 a month gives a secondary child:

– an opportunity to continue with their education

– a chance to sit national examinations

– a chance to progress to university

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