Child Sponsorship

We believe that brilliance is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.

For millions of children living in East Africa, a quality education is unaffordable and out of reach, locking them in a cycle of poverty and robbing them of living out their potential. You can change this. As a child sponsor, you can provide a child with the precious gift of a quality education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. You can change the course of a child’s life.

When a school community is thriving, the pupils are too.

We believe that the key to sustainable change is to support the holistic development of individual children as well as their wider school community. The sponsorship programme supports partner schools to ensure a safe and quality learning environment for every child, ultimately maximising the impact on the whole community. The Fields of Life Child Sponsorship Programme supports school development initiatives. We equip and empower partner schools to take ownership of their own development and provide quality education.

What does School Development Support look like in practice?

It starts with identifying the unique needs of each school and listening to their aspirations and development priorities. We partner together to work towards a sustainable future.

What do I receive?

When you become a child sponsor, you will receive a welcome pack containing some background information about your sponsored child, their school and photos of them and their family.You will receive a letter from your sponsored child twice a year. Although some of the little ones are too young to write sentences in English, they make up for it with enthusiastic and colourful artwork! You will also receive recent photos of your sponsored child and updates about the various school development projects on an ongoing basis.

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For more information about child sponsorship please contact [email protected] or download the Child Sponsorship Leaflet.

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