The Maiden Factor

The Maiden Factor Foundation aims to empower and educate girls around the world working with charities that focus on the diverse barriers that prevent them from unleashing their full potential.

To ensure the greatest impact, The Maiden Factor Foundation has teamed up with six charities in a collaborative bid to raise funds and campaign to ‘empower a girl, and change the world’. We are delighted that Fields of Life are partnering with Maiden through I AM GIRL.

Jo Gooding, Chair of Trustees for The Maiden Factor Foundation explains: “We knew when we first started mapping out our goals, that there were already incredible charities doing incredible things for girls’ education. We also knew the barriers to education were multi-faceted, and complex. That’s why The Maiden Factor Foundation has been set-up with collaboration at the very core of its essence. We looked long and hard for a diverse group of charities campaigning and investing to help empower young women to reach their full potential – whether that be matching girls from low socio-economic backgrounds with inspirational female mentors, or providing safer access to clean water, which can be a huge barrier to education. We know we have found a great team of charity partners and look forward to working with them to help young girls unleash their full potential through education.”

Maiden gained acclaim as the first vessel to be sailed around the world by an all-female crew, in the Whitbread Round The World Race in 1989-90. Maiden went on to win two legs and came second overall in her class – still the best result for a British boat since 1977.

Maiden and her glass ceiling shattering crew paved the way for all women and is now embarking on a new journey to raise funds and campaign for girls’ education. Tracy Edwards MBE explains: “Very few believed in Maiden and the all-female crew behind her record-breaking achievements. I know what it’s like to have barriers, and voices of doubt around you. But, I also know what it feels like to break them, and that you can’t do it alone. It takes grit and hard work but most importantly I believe it takes support. That’s what Maiden’s new voyage is about. It’s about campaigning and raising funds to help ensure that every girl has the support she needs to reach her full potential, because with that support – anything is possible.”

The Maiden Factor crew finally set off from Hamble back in October 2018 with guest skipper Nikki Henderson at the helm, on a two-year world tour to raise funds and awareness for girls’ education.

Their first stopover was Malta with Her Excellency the President of the Republic of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.  The crew then headed off to Jordan, through the Suez Canal to Kerala before a quick ‘pitstop’ in Sri Lanka to refuel and pick up supplies. She also picked up more crew and Skipper Nikki Henderson handed over the wheel to the next legendary Skipper, Wendy Tuck!

Tracy Edwards and the land team have been busy with the launch of the ‘Maiden’ film and have been travelling all around the world to promote this inspirational campaign. The film is Tracy’s own incredible, against-all-odds story of triumph over diversity and gender inequality.  It was previewed at Toronto International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and won the Dublin Film Festival Audience Award!  The film will be coming to cinemas near you and full details are available online, at

Fields of Life, The Maiden Factor, I AM GIRL, Gender Equality, Menstrual Hygiene Management, Empower Women, Overseas team

Fields of Life, The Maiden Factor, I AM GIRL, Gender Equality, Menstrual Hygiene Management, Empower Women

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