VTI Scholarship

From Tragedy to Hope

Gulu, Northern Uganda has suffered from decades of conflict which has disrupted the education of a generation of young people. Gulu is now facing an education crisis, with high levels of youth unemployment and limited opportunity.

Judith’s story echoes the struggle faced by so many young people in Gulu.

Orphaned at only 8 years old, she had to lead her family at a desperately young age. Tragically, she was sexually abused at 12 years old and left with a child to look after, causing her to miss out completely on attending school. When Judith finally met a man who could provide for her family, her husband was killed by a
rebel-group, leaving her widowed at a young age. Like thousands of young people in Northern Uganda, Judith’s life has been scarred by deep pain and suffering.

Yet, despite the hardships, she still has hope.

Judith joined a vocational college where she trained to become a hairdresser. Judith has achieved her dream of starting a beauty and hairdressing business and can provide for her family of three children, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

For young people like Judith, COVID-19 is yet another challenge to contend with. Trauma, lack of skills and education, gender-based violence, and generational poverty have created an education emergency of unprecedented scale.

The need for skills-based learning is more important than ever before.

The Fields of Life Vocational Training Institute (VTI), in partnership with the Diocese of Northern Uganda will help transform this post-conflict area by providing the opportunity of new skills and employment to hundreds of young people. The VTI will contribute significantly to fostering a skills-based economy by producing job creators, not just job seekers.

Fields of Life’s Vocational Training Institute will train young people in: Building construction; Carpentry; Tailoring, Fashion and Design; Cosmetology, Hair and Beauty; Hotel Management and Catering.

Each course will last for two years and the institute will also train students in IT and business skills to build their businesses. It will be a student-centred environment, with excellent teaching, pastoral care, trauma counselling and mentoring.

$140 per month

will give a young person the opportunity they deserve to reach their potential. You can give hope to someone like Judith, not just today, but for their future.

Your support will cover the cost of tuition fees, examinations, training materials, work placements, and a contribution towards students’ food and board at the college.

Be part of this exciting story!

You can help young people in Gulu to write a new narrative, about a new Africa – one which focuses on the immense opportunity, hope and love that is so evident in the young people of Uganda.
You will receive quarterly updates from Fields of Life on how your generous support is helping to change lives and build hope. You will hear from students and teachers about the life-changing impact your gift is having on an area that has a tragic past but a hope filled future.

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