wash Project

Acurun Well

Project completed

This project was completed successfully on 6th Mar 2015

Well Number: 424

Community Name: Acurun Well

Sub County: Usuk

District: Katakwi District

Number of Households: 80

Number of People in local church: 150

The Acurun Well is located in Katakwi District in the North Eastern part of Uganda where access to water is extremely limited. The nearest water source for this community was an open well located 2km away in a neighbouring community which meant people from the village had to spend hours walking long distances and queuing to collect water and would have to do this journey numerous times throughout the day. This task usually fell to the women and children, resulting in children missing valuable school hours and women missing work. The water source was also contaminated with many waterborne diseases such as bilharzia, cholera and typhoid which resulted in many within the community falling sick and in some cases dying.

The Acurun well will provide clean, fresh water for 80 households within the community, however, this number will grow greatly as many are returning to villages following years in IDP camps. Each household has an average of 9 members therefore more than 700 people will now have access to clean water.

Thank you to the generous donor who has provided this life saving gift!