wash Project

Agape Primary School Well

Project completed

This project was completed successfully on 30th May 2015

Well Number: 444

Community Name: Agape

Sub County: Atutur

District: Kumi District

Number of children: 165

Number of People in local church: 450

The Agape Primary School well is located in Atutur in Kumi District, Eastern Uganda where access to water is extremely limited. Prior to the drilling or this well, the children had to walk to a nearby community spring well which was usually congested with villagers accessing water and therefore resulted in children wasting valuable hours that should have been spent in school. This was also very dangerous for the pupils, as often girls had to wait until there was less congestion when the sun had gone down in the evenings, making them very vulnerable.

The Agape Primary School well will provide clean fresh water for 165 primary school children.

Thank you to the generous donor who has provided this life saving gift!