wash Project

Chodong Well

Project completed

This project was completed successfully on 24th Apr 2015

Well Number: 430

Community Name: Chodong

Sub County: Kidongole

District: Bukedea District

Number of households: 70

Number of People in local church: 150

The Chodong Well is located in Bukedea District in the Eastern part of Uganda where consumption of contaminated water is a way of life, and sadly many children are lost due to due drinking water. Before the borehole was drilled, villagers would walk 0.5km to draw water from a shallow well.

The Chodong well will benefit 70 households, within an average of 9 people per household; therefore over 1,500 people will receive the gift of water. However, this number will grow greatly as many are returning to villages following years in IDP camps.

Thank you to the generous donor who has provided this life saving gift!