wash Project

Kakere Central Well

Project completed

This project was completed successfully on 24th Apr 2015

Well number: 432

Community Name: Kakere Central

Sub County: Bukedea

District: Bukedea District

Number of households: 750

The Kakere Central well is located in Bukedea sub county, located in Bukedea district in Eastern Uganda where people are still forced to rely on drinking contaminated water and a number of lives have been lost due to the consumption of dirty water.

Prior to the drilling of the borehole the villagers had to walk 2km to collect water from a hand dug well which was swarming with parasites and bacteria. The results of drinking this water are waterborne diseases such bilharzia, cholera and typhoid and resulted in many within the community falling sick.

This borehole is benefiting an incredible 750 households bringing clean water to more than 6,500 villagers!

Thank you to the generous donor who has provided this life saving gift!