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Kings Primary School

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Before the School Health Programme was rolled out in Kings Primary School, parents were only involved in “Careers Days” when they would meet with teachers to discuss their child’s performance.

This changed when the Health Programme was rolled out; as efforts were made to involve the community/parents more in health events and teaching the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene.

At the end of term 1 a seminar was held to discuss the health challenges in the school. As a result of this, programmes were launched in term 2 to teach students about child protection, nutrition and hygiene. These programmes are run by members of the local community/parents. A local Pastor also facilitates “Christian Value Education”, a very popular programme among the pupils.

This community/parent involvement marks a large milestone for Kings Primary School.

Ms Sophie, the Welfare Mistress in the school, says “it is amazing to see many people having concern over the safety and health of our children in school…the school has gained a lot of practical knowledge to keep healthy”.

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