wash Project

Omatakiria Well

Project completed

This project was completed successfully on 20th Jun 2015

Well Number: 451

Community Name: Omatakiria

Sub County: Nyero

District: Kumi District

Number of Households: 223

Number of People in local church: 200

The Omatakiria Well is located in Kumi District in the Eastern part of Uganda where access to water is extremely limited. The nearest water source for this community was a shallow well located 1km away which meant people from the village had to spend hours walking long distances and queuing to collect water and would have to do this journey numerous times throughout the day. The water source was also contaminated with many waterborne diseases such as bilharzia, cholera and typhoid which resulted in many within the community falling sick and in some cases dying.

The Omatakiria Well will provide clean fresh water for over 2,000 people.

Thank you to the generous donor who has provided this life saving gift!