wash Project

Omodoi-Akintu Borehole

Project completed

This project was completed successfully on 25th Oct 2014

Well Number: 397

Community Name: Omodoi-Akintu

Sub County: Asuret

District: Soroti District

Number of Households: 300

Number of People in local church: 650

Omodoi-Akintu is located in Asuret Sub County which is found in Soroti District in the North Eastern part of Uganda. This is an area where the consumption of clean water is not possible and a number of deaths, particularly children, have been recorded as a result of consuming dirty water. Members of the community had previously been walking 0.5km retrieve water from a contaminated shallow well.

This borehole will benefit 300 households each with an average of 9 members per household, therefore bringing clean water to over 2,700 villagers!!

Thank you to John Lunn for funding the Omodoi-Akintu well.