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Solidarity Teacher Training – Eliaba

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In March 2014 six students commenced a two-year teacher training course at Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio.

Read below about Eliaba Juma Joseph….

Thirty one year old Eliaba Juma Joseph was born in Maridi and is married to Margaret. They have two sons; five year old Sunday and three year old Isaac. Eliaba’s first year was a year of ups and downs, and in his second semester he struggled when his father-in-law died and he had to return home for the funeral. This death greatly impacted him, “It was difficult to go home for the funeral, see my family and then leave them to return to my studies”, he explained.

Unfortunately Eliaba failed three subjects in the second semester and faced having to repeat the semester in order to continue at Solidarity. The Principal offered him the chance to repeat by joining the in-service programme in January and February. This was an added sacrifice being away from his family for an extra two motnhs but he knew if he passed he could rejoin his friends from Maridi.

Eliaba worked hard and really concentrated on his studies, passed his exams at the end of February with good results and rejoined his colleagues with a huge smile on his face.

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