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Treasured Kids Primary School

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Fields of Life, through the School Health Programme, offers training to teachers on selected areas of school health (sanitation, hygiene, health education and community involvement), who in turn train or teach the school children and implement related activities to reinforce the health education messages. The teachers work in close connection with the school’s Prefects and Club members.

In 2012, Fields of Life through its School Health Programme revived the PIASCY Club (Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy Communication to Youth Club, focused on HIV/AIDS awareness) and organised activities in Treasured Kids Primary school. The club’s president Alex (a pupil in primary 7), with support from Teacher Isaac, engaged the club in a number of health related activities:

  • Health related debates on sexual relationships
  • Peer education by pupils to fellow school mates.
  • Cleaning the school compound and around the school, in the slum.

The PIASCY Club gaining momentum and in the words of Teacher Isaac, “we are starting to see openness and constructive debates regarding sexuality issues among our adolescent pupils. For the last two years, two adolescent girls dropped out of our school due to pregnancy, but none has dropped out so far this year”. He added, “this is a result we will not take for granted but rather a stimulus to empower our pupils more”.

Alex is currently in primary seven and probably will leave the school next year to join secondary school. However, he said “I want to set an example to the children in this school”.

Teacher Isaac said, “We as a school pledge to work towards improved health standard in the school, even in this slum setting, where there a number of issues beyond our control. We are thankful to Fields of life for their support and pray to God to bless you such that you will continue to be a blessing to us”.



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