South Sudan

Fields of Life began working in South Sudan since February 2015 when we funded the drilling of our first well with our South Sudan water partners, since then we have completed nine wells bringing clean water to approximately 9,000 people.

In March 2015 Fields of Life embarked on its first education programme in South Sudan.

Six students, four from our partners in Ibba and two from Maridi, commenced a two year teacher training course at Solidarity Teacher Training College, in Yambio and in November 2016 five of the students graduated. Not only has the training at Solidarity College changed the lives and perspectives of the teachers receiving training, it will enable them to go on and positively impact many thousands of children in future years.

In 2016 Fields of Life completed our first partner school in South Sudan, Onjirima Primary School, which provides education for 210 pupils.

Projects in South Sudan


Country Facts

Salva Kiir Mayardit
South Sudanese pound
11 million