1. How does the Child Sponsorship Programme benefit each sponsored child and the wider Fields of Life school network?

Our approach to sponsorship benefits both the sponsored child as well as wider school communities. The sponsorship programme ensures that each sponsored child is provided with what they need to receive an education. They are supported with school fees and those in Primary School receive a uniform and scholastic materials.  On top of this, a select number of Fields of Life supported schools benefit from School Development Projects each year and we prioritise the greatest needs. School development initiatives have a positive impact on all pupils and their wider community. To see how sponsorship can impact a child and their community, check out our sponsorship video!

2. Why choose to sponsor a child through Fields of Life?

 At Fields of Life we are committed to providing access to the highest possible standard of education. Our quality education programme empowers and supports partner school communities. This benefits all pupils across the school network through teacher training, Christian education, sustainable feeding programmes, Child Protection, I AM GIRL and also Water and Sanitation Programmes.  

The Child Sponsorship Programme ensures that the most vulnerable children are identified and provided with the assistance necessary to access quality education. Through education, a child will develop skills that will enable them to break the poverty cycle and impact their life, the school and their community.  

We value each individual sponsor child and the wider school community. The programme has two important aspects: direct support for an individual sponsored child’s education and support for school development initiatives. This approach has a greater positive impact on the wider community. 

 3. Can I write to my sponsored child?

 Yes, you can! The children always love to hear from their sponsors, the easiest and quickest way is to write via email. Simply put your message into an email, attach any photos to the email and send it to [email protected] 

 Alternatively, you can post a letter to our office in Uganda. Please post these letters to:  Fields of Life Sponsorship Team, Fields of Life, Tank Hill Road, Muyenga, P.O. Box 36388, Kampala, Uganda. 

4. What will I receive when I sponsor a child?

When you first begin to sponsor a child, you will receive a welcome pack that contains some background information about your sponsored child, their school and photos of them and their family. Twice a year you will receive a letter from your sponsored child. You will also receive photos of your sponsored child on an ongoing basis and an annual update about the various school development projects.  

5. Tell me more about how school development projects work.

 We believe that when a school community is thriving, the pupils are too. Each year, the sponsorship programme supports development projects in a select number of schools across the Fields of Life school network.  

We start by working alongside the school to identify their unique needs, ambitions and priorities. These findings determine the type of development project that is implemented in that school. These projects vary but may include: Sustainable school feeding programmes and quality education such as teacher training. 

The school development aspect of the Child Sponsorship Programme benefits all of the pupils in the school and empowers the school in a process of sustainable development.  We will keep you updated annually on the projects that have been supported under this aspect of the programme! 

 6. How do I make payments to sponsor a child? 

 Sponsorship payments can be made by Direct Debit, cheque or cash. Payments can be made monthly or annually. You can sign up to sponsor a child by giving via Direct Debit through the Sponsorship section of our website. Alternatively, we can send you a Direct Debit form in the post.  

 7. How far will my money go?

Sponsorship payments will be used to directly support the education of your sponsored child through school fees, and for those in Primary School provides school materials and a school uniform. In addition, your money will contribute towards school development initiatives within the Fields of Life school network.  

 8. How are my donations used?

 90% of your donation will be used for charitable activities and the remaining 10% of your donation will be used for fundraising costs. We strive to maintain administration, staffing costs, operational costs and overheads to remain as low as possible while also maintaining appropriate levels of good governance and administrative capability.  

Investment towards fundraising is essential to ensure that we can maintain and grow our income levels.  Fundraising enables us to support Fields of Life in East Africa to deliver effective and sustainable programmes through the school network and with local partner communities.  

 9. How can I be sure that my money will go to where it is needed?

Through Fields of Life you can be assured that the money you donate to sponsorship will be used in the Sponsorship Programme as is intended when you make your sponsorship payments. In addition, Fields of Life are certified by the Charities Commission Northern Ireland (Charity No. NIC 104839) and the Fields of Life Annual Report is also available to view on our website. 

 10. If I have more questions or would like to know more, who can I contact?

 Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions about the Fields of Life Child Sponsorship Programme. Contact the Fields of Life sponsorship team at childsponsorship[email protected], or on 028 9263 6200. We would love to chat with you!