Christmas Appeal

Feeding Kosovo

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We are so excited to launch our Christmas Appeal in partnership with 92 Hands, a Ugandan charity founded by Fields of Life Ambassadors Trinity & Levixone. You can find out more about 92 Hands here. 

For many people living in Kosovo slum in Kampala, Uganda, life can be harder than we could ever imagine. They may struggle to have sufficient food, clothing or even shelter. Many children have never had a meal at Christmas.

Levixone was one of those children. He was 13 before he had his first proper Christmas meal at his friend Trinity’s home. Many children like him miss out on the wonderful celebration that Christmas should be – but Feeding Kosovo is changing this.

Feeding Kosovo is a joy-filled day when families are provided with a meal so no-one goes hungry at Christmas.

It is a day when families come together to celebrate the change and transformation they have seen in their community over the last year through the work of 92Hands. They celebrate the skills that have been gained, the small businesses that have been started, the children who have been educated and the love and hope that has been shared in their community. It is also a day to look ahead to the exciting plans for the year to come.

Will you join us to help bless the community of Kosovo? Your donation will help feed a family this Christmas and support the life-changing work of 92Hands.