BART Benefice

Several families offered hospitality to our Ugandan Storytellers when they toured the UK at the end of last year, and the parishes have taken on Fields of Life as one of their chosen charities for the year. Our grateful thanks are extended to the rector Rev. Dr Linda Shuker, Church Wardens, PCCs and team of readers.

Some BART leaders are keen to join our Ugandan Fact Find Trip later this year which will provide real insight into our projects and programmes in East Africa. An African Tea Party is planned as an outreach event in Ryarsh Park; a recent new development in one of the villages.

Jane Yates, who recently celebrated her 80th birthday, has offered to make recycled Christmas cards and other celebratory cards to sell in aid of Field of Life. Jane has already been busy and these beautiful cards will be on sale later in the year. Such a great idea!

BART Parishes and Fields of Life BART Parishes and Fields of Life