St Mary’s Stansted

Church leaders were invited to share breakfast and to meet The Storytellers – a group of young professional Ugandans, who were some of the original children to be sponsored by Fields of Life. They were visiting the UK to share their stories of change and transformation. The Storytellers gave their presentation through personal stories, songs and dance together with a video explaining their desire fund a school in the remote region of Karamoja in Northern Uganda.

The “Fields of Life Alumni Association” was set up in 2015 by a group of Fields of Life former sponsored children. These inspirational young people want to contribute towards the Fields of Life vision by becoming committed ambassadors and giving back, as they once received. Karamoja is one of the poorest regions in Uganda and the Alumni group aim to enable vulnerable and disadvantaged children in this area to attain a quality education in the same manner that they did. One of the aims of the Storytellers Tour was to raise funds to build a school in Karamoja.

In the question and discussion time which followed, the Church Leaders were able to discover more about Church Life in Uganda from Pastor Deo and the Storytellers. They heard about many of the day-to-day problems facing Pastors and their congregations and were challenged by Jay K to come and visit Uganda to see for themselves.

Some leaders responded positively to that challenge and have signed up to join our first Church Fact Find trip this Autumn.

The event concluded with a time of prayer and joyful African style worship with drumming, dancing and song, which was most likely a first for The Cloisters!

Fields of Life GB would like to extend our appreciation to Reverend Chris Noble, Pioneer Minister Julie Sheldon and Reader Paul Gardner from St Mary’s together with the wonderful team of caterers from The Cloisters for making this event such a success.

St Mary's Stansted and Fields of Life

St Mary's Stansted and Fields of Life