Chain Reaction Cycles

“We got involved with Fields of Life a couple of years ago. We were always involved in various charity projects and as we grew as a company we were looking for larger projects. When we totaled up what we were spending as a company overall we thought we could pool all this and actually build a school.

Your staff engagement is key. No matter how small or large your company is there will be a number of individuals who are really interested in doing something. The motivation that they give to the rest of the team from being involved is immense and something you can’t put a financial figure on. It seemed like a really good project we could get the business behind, we could fundraise for it and get the employees really engaged with it. This can be a long term investment between us and the charity.”

Chris Watson, Managaing Director of Chain Reaction Cycles

You can view more information about St. Marg-Lex Primary School by clicking here.

Chain Reaction CyclesIn 2012 St. Marg-Lex Primary School was completed in Uganda