Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

Earlier this year, the school took part in our Lent “Water for Life” Challenge. Students and staff were invited to buy simple Lent Lunches in the school canteen rather than their usual full meal and then donate the rest of the cost of the meal to Fields of Life. Their school catering manager declared that the response to this challenge had been the best for any charity in recent years. Students and staff also took part in a 2K challenge and raised additional funds Fields of Life.

We are thrilled that Bennett Memorial plans to continue fund-raising for us over the coming academic year, aiming to raise funds to dig a borehole and give the gift of clean, safe drinking water for a whole community in East Africa. This ambition sits well with the school’s motto Semper Tenax: “Ever holding fast to what is just, wise and right through excellence, character and service”. The photo on the right shows Chaplain Canon Rachel Knapp School Chaplain with Lucy Beldham, who has been working as an intern for Fields of Life in her Gap Year and is a former student of  Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

Fields of Life and Bennett Memorial School