Bethany School

The original contact came following a conversation with school chaplain Rev Serena Willoughby which resulted in an invitation to speak at the school’s beautiful chapel.  Staff and students were introduced to the work of Fields of Life in East Africa and presented with our Lent Water 4 Life Challenge.

At the end of term, we were invited back to join the school’s Easter Celebrations. It was wonderful that our WASH Co-ordinator from the Fields of Life Kampala Office, Pascal Olinga, was visiting the UK and was able to share a little about his work and explain just what a life-changing impact the gift of clean, safe drinking water can have on a community.

Sam King, Head of Girls PE, got in touch with our GB office after the Lent Challenge. She wrote, “I was inspired by your chapel talk a few weeks ago and would love to do some fund-raising and get a link going with Fields of Life, specifically with the girls at Bethany. I feel your I AM GIRL campaign particularly resonates with them and us as female staff”.

The outcome of Sam’s enthusiasm was Bethany School 25 Hour Challenge, part of Fields of Life Project 25, celebrating our 25th Anniversary as well as the 25 years of girls being students at Bethany school. The challenge took place in the school gym where students and staff signed up to complete 30-minute sessions on treadmills, passing on a baton all through the day and night. The time lapse video gives an excellent summary of a tremendous outcome.

We look forward to continuing our link with Bethany School in the coming academic year.