Trottiscliffe Church of England Primary School

The school has less than 80 pupils and yet recently were presented with a certificate having raised a spectacular amount of money, £1077.98 for our Water for Life Campaign! The school’s first link with Fields of Life came about as a result of a visit by our Storytellers last year. A group of young professional Ugandans, who were some of the first children to have their education sponsored through Fields of Life, came to share their stories and lead an assembly at school. The children were enthralled by meeting the Storytellers.

During Lent, Local BART Benefice Vicar Reverend Linda Shuker worked with the Church and Schools Officer from Fields of Life to develop activities for a Day of Prayer and Reflection for the children. This took place in St Peter and St Paul’s Church and Trosley School Hall. The pupils had the chance to experience just how heavy jerry cans full of water can be as they carried them over a course in the church yard. All the children agreed this would be a very difficult task to do every day and would probably stop them going to school. They were horrified to learn that water being collected would often be full of parasites and could potentially lead to sickness. Inside the church a “Before and After” jigsaw puzzle demonstrated the difference a school built by Fields of Life can make to a whole community. A decision-making activity challenged pupils to decide which Gifts of Life items would be most valuable to families in East Africa, leading to deep thinking and discussion.

Following the Reflection Day, the pupils of Trosley School decided they wanted to raise money for Fields of Life and each of the three classes planned what they would do. Head teacher Lucy Henderson explained that the children received support from staff but basically set about fund-raising for themselves. She described them as “great kids” and couldn’t have been prouder of their incredible achievement.

Two pupils, Isla and Leandra, were so fired up about the idea of their school being on the Fields of Life Website that they wrote this lovely report.

“Dear Fields of Life,

We are writing to tell you what we did to raise money for the Jerry Can Challenge during Lent. We walked through the village of Trottiscliffe and collected litter while asking for donations.  In the end, we got a whole bin bag of rubbish! We did this because we wanted to help the villages in East Africa and to show ourselves how fortunate we are and that not everyone gets the same opportunities as us just because of where we are born.  Doing this, we not only raised money, but we also helped the environment, so we supported our local community as well as the global community.  In the end we raised £25. We wish you all the best and we look forward to seeing how the money our school has raised can help to change lives for the better.”

Three other pupils, Luca, Nikos and Lewis decided to continue their fund-raising efforts into their Easter Holidays and even set up their own Just Giving page.

“Our school is supporting Fields of Life to raise money and awareness of the difficulties in accessing clean and fresh water in some parts of Africa. We are lucky and get water from simply turning the tap. The water they walk 3km for is not fresh and contains many harmful germs. Our teachers set us a challenge to raise as much money as we can during the holidays by organising a fundraising activity. So this holiday, we are walking 3km to find out just how far some children walk to collect water for their families”

Check out how well the boys did by going to their page.

Headteacher Lucy Henderson decided to hold a Fields of Life Celebration at the end of term and wrote this article for the school’s newsletter:

“As I am sure you remember, our children showed amazing ingenuity to fund raise for Fields of Life and their work in East Africa. We have counted all the money now and in school they raised £779.48 and when we add this with the £298.50 raised by three of our boys on the Just Giving page they created, the grand total is £1077.98.  To celebrate reaching our £1000 target, Trosley School will be presenting the charity with a cheque on 4th July and will enjoy an African Style Tea Party.”

WASH Co-ordinator Pascal Olinga visited Trosley School in a recent visit to the UK and was overwhelmed by the pupils fund-raising efforts. He was able to assure them that their amazing achievement would have a life changing impact for many children in East Africa.

For fund -raising ideas for your school download our Fundraising pack for schools.

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