Would you consider extending your outreach to Africa?

Short-Term Mission Teams are an excellent way to experience the East African culture, meet new people, and best of all – change lives!  The experience of our volunteers is that the joy and satisfaction they receive from participating in a Short-Term Mission Trip is greater than their contribution.

“There’s a certain “something” about Africa that takes a piece of your heart and doesn’t give it back.”

John O’Sullivan

Mission Teams travel to Africa at various times of the year, each with a different focus for a two (2) week period.  Team members use their life experience, talents and trade to make a difference to the lives of others.  Team projects include building, painting, health education, sports and children’s or adult’s ministry in association with local churches.

Fields of Life can facilitate both open and closed teams

A closed team is a team in which you must apply as part of an already established group for example churches, youth groups, schools, corporates and cross-community groups. When a closed group shows interest in leading a team to Africa with FOL, we liaise to find out the team budget and a suitable project is discussed with the team. FOL will help organise the team itinerary and provide team leadership training and preparation. The minimum age of travel on a FOL closed team is 16 years.

Our open teams are known as Cultiv8 teams, and are designed to attract individuals who apply to join a FOL team. At the time of selection to join a Cultiv8 team, the majority of team members have not previously met. Recruitment for Cultiv8 teams is now open, this involves an application and interview process. Once the team has been selected there are regular meetings to prepare each team member, and also to plan the itinerary based on the interests and skills within the group. All applicants must be over 16 unless travelling with a parent.

Cultiv8 2019 applications are now closed!

Keep an eye on our website and social media for information on Cultiv8 2020.

If you (or your church) would be interested in participating in a Short-Term Mission Trip, or if you simply want more information, please contact us at [email protected].  Alternatively you can contact us directly on 02892 636200.