Love Church at St Swithuns Bournemouth

Fields of Life were recently invited down to Bournemouth to join the mid-week “Yoof “Activities and to share our story with the Older and Younger W.A.Y.S.

Youth Pastor Rich and co-worker Helen Jackson leading the way in the Jerry Can Challenge!

Both groups of young people were really engaged and were asked to give feedback to these questions the following week:

What did you think of the Fields of Life talk last week?

“The talk was very inspirational because it showed us what a difference their life is to ours and gave us ways to help and get involved in the whole project. I liked how they showed us what Gifts of Life we could buy with a certain amount of money. I cannot wait to raise some money and am keen to get involved”. Sophy, 12 years old.

“From what we were told in Sue’s sharing, I think that Fields of Life is a really good charity as it helps people in need in Africa. I think this charity is absolutely amazing because it is making a massive difference in life in those areas and making life so much easier for many.” Frances, 12 years old.

How did the talk make you feel about the communities in East Africa?

“It made me realise how lucky I am even when I complain. Also, it makes me happy to think that these types of things are getting sorted out and changed with the help of Fields of Life.”

“The intentions of this charity were really touching as it reminded me of how blessed we are here with everything we have from clean water to warm beds. The idea of being able to help these people in Africa is awesome because we can bring all the everyday things we take for granted to these lovely communities”.

How do you want to respond to the talk?

“This has made we want to speak out about this at school and get as many people involved in doing something sponsored or even a bake sale. Easy things for us will make such a difference for them so doing something as simple as an eating contest would be fun and helpful. I can’t wait to get involved!!!” Sophy, 12 years old.

“We really want to help this charity and show our school how fantastic it is. We want to get the school to raise money over the summer and our school is so big”. Talia, Lara, 12 years old.

Youth Leader Helen Jackson explained:

“We have been having some really engaging conversations with the Youth about Fields of Life and in particular, the I AM GIRL campaign. There are four girls who have already spoken to their Head Master about having an assembly and have showed him the video you sent for I AM GIRL. It is so wonderful to see how eager they are to get this project off the ground and we feel we simply can’t be the people that stand in their way!”

Youth Pastor Rich Mills added:

“We’re so excited for all of this and look forward to collaborating with Fields of Life to make the biggest difference to peoples’ lives! We want to make these projects cover an academic year so that gives us plenty of time and opportunities to raise money. We’ve already had some ideas:

  • Jerry Can Relay Carry. Bournemouth to Boscombe Pier is 1.6km each way. We could line the beach with the youth, get family and friends to come down and get our social action/media guy to film the event. That way we can promote the event for Fields of Life and have the team chatting to the general public too.
  • Day in the Life – We want to recreate a day in the life of one of the communities in East Africa. We would let the youth run it and invite the parents/adults come and see the outcome.
  • Bake Sale – we plan to have a team baking evening with the youth and then sell the cakes at the following Sunday Services for the Fields of Life I Am Girl campaign.
  • Outreach – We plan to set up at our Boscombe site in August and have a day where we cook up some breakfast, do some activities around Fields of Life then head out into the community and do jobs for our brothers and sisters.

These are just some of the ideas we have. We are so excited for this project and would love you to guide us with what we can do to improve fundraising!”

For fund -raising ideas download our Fundraising pack for schools.

Love Church and Fields of Life

Love Church and Fields of Life

Fields of Life Water for Life

Fields of Life Water for Life