Stepping Stones Youth Group

“Fields of Life were invited to come to our first session of the new term to tell the children about the work the charity carries out in East Africa. Everyone had a fun-filled afternoon with activities and a short presentation.

One of the activities gave Stepping Stones the chance to experience just how heavy jerry cans full of water can be as they carried them over a short course in the hall. Everyone agreed this would be a very difficult thing to do every day and would probably stop the children going to school as often water is far away from where they live. There was also a “Before and After” jigsaw puzzle to complete which showed the difference a school built by Fields of Life can make to a community in East Africa. In the final activity the children had to discuss and decide which Gifts of Life items would be most valuable to families in East Africa. It was interesting to listen in to their conversations as they talked about the relative importance of seeds, mosquito nets and bibles!

Afterwards, Stepping Stones were asked to plan how to raise money for Fields of Life to help support the families in East Africa. They started straightaway with great enthusiasm and listed all the ways they could think of and a plan was drawn up. They decided to dedicate the last day of term for a Fair and Talent Show to raise money.

So, on Friday 23rd March 2018 a whole range of stalls were set up by the children:  there was a craft area where there were beautiful homemade bracelets on sale and some great fund-raisers including a “Name the Teddy” quiz, “Guess how many sweets in the jar” and “Guess the weight of the cake”. A group set up a Car Wash which proved very popular with our many visitors. The Photo Shoot booth was good fun and the whole event was finished off with an entertaining Talent Show. Everyone there including grandparents, parents and church friends then thoroughly enjoyed the refreshments – there was cake galore!.

The following week at Stepping Stones the children wrote down some of their thoughts and highlights from their fund-raising efforts and here are just a few of them:

  • I’m feeling really happy now
  • It was amazing!
  • I love doing fund-raising
  • Thank you Mummy for all the cakes
  • I am very excited and happy
  • It was fun to raise more money at home
  • We have helped to save someone’s Life

When asked which of the Gifts of Life they would most like to buy, the responses were:

  • Please buy mosquito nets to keep the children safe while they are asleep
  • Buy a sewing machine!
  • Please buy hens, seeds, pig and bibles

The Fields of Life Church and Schools Officer returned a few weeks later and recapped with the children how the money they had raised will be used to change lives in East Africa. We were also presented with a certificate thanking the children for their donation of £203.02 which is now proudly displayed on our Church Hall notice board. Everyone was thrilled that they had been able to contribute to such a wonderful charity”.

Thanks to Barbara Weatherill (Youth Leader) for sharing this report.

Youth Leader Freya Briley displays one of our Jerry Can collecting boxes and expresses her pride in the Stepping Stone’s fund-raising efforts for Fields of Life.

Stepping Stones Youth Group and Fields of Life Stepping Stones Youth Group and Fields of Life Stepping Stones Youth Group and Fields of Life

Stepping Stones Youth Group and Fields of Life

Stepping Stones Youth Group and Fields of Life