£1 Push Up Challenge

£1 push up challenge 2016Join us in the £1 Push Up Challenge to raise vital funds towards providing clean water in East Africa.

Here’s how it works

  1. Register using the form on this page to receive your information pack.
  2. On the 1st January do your first push up* and get someone to sponsor you £1.
  3. Add another rep for every day of the year (2 push ups on 2nd Jan, 3 push ups on 3rd Jan etc.) and get sponsored £1 for every new push up until you do 366 on December 31st; raising £366 in total.
  4. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to share your experience/photos and videos with the Push Up Challenge Community…and don’t forget to keep sharing with your friends and family!
  5. You don’t have to do all of your push ups in one go, just make sure you do them before the end of the day.
  6.  You can donate to the £1 Push Up Challenge in a range of ways including Just Giving or directly through our website.

*Don’t worry if you can’t do full push ups, you can scale them to your own ability (doing them against a wall, or on your knees if you need to). Or you can choose your own exercise, for example, squats/ sit ups/ lunges etc.

Stop the PRESS – Select the most appropriate “Press-up” challenge below and help us to bring clean water to 1 million people in East Africa.

Press-Up Levels

 drop 2 $ drop 3 £drop 4 $

If you miss the 1st January start date, just sign up and join in whenever you can.

Together we can raise money with every rep and bring fresh, clean drinking water to communities in East Africa!