12th Annual Fields of Life Head Teachers Conference

“Thank you, Thank you. The Government of Uganda is saying a big thank you for the love you have for Uganda. Thank you for what you do on behalf of the government. You have built schools, you are our greatest friends.”

This heartfelt appreciation came from Uganda’s Minister of State for Higher Education, Honorable Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo, as he officiated at the opening ceremony of the 12th Annual Fields of Life Conference in Mukono, Central Uganda.

The theme this year was “Schools’ self-reliance, a road to Sustainable Quality Education”.

Each January, Fields of Life hosts an annual conference where representatives from its supported and partner schools share their experiences and strategise on how they can share Christ’s love and positively impact lives in their schools and communities.

Dr. Muyingo is a teacher by profession. He is respected for his distinguished professional track record in education and contribution to the education sector in Uganda. In a room filled with government officials, church leaders, head teachers and school directors, he recounted how a lack of funds almost cost him his education. Coming from a very humble background in Luwero district, central Uganda, Dr. Muyingo’s entire education was funded by what he called “good Samaritans.”

“Now, here I am from that background and I am now a minister in charge of schools. That is why I am hard on head teachers who use the money, meant for needy children, on other things” he added.

He commended Fields of Life for investing in education because it is contributing to national development. “I love the theme you chose for this conference. It is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal four.  Investment in Education is perhaps the greatest investment one could ever make for the future of a country,” he said.

He challenged the conference participants to use whatever platform and opportunity available to them to impact their communities. “Ninety percent of my salary that I receive from government, I use to pay school frees for over one thousand students. I believe that I am just a channel, a conduit for God, that is why I like a head teacher who has a heart for the weak ones. If you are such a head teacher, God will bless you,” he said.

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