A hope built and fulfilled

Thank You!

In November 2017, we were joined by the Storytellers, a group of 12 amazing young people from across Uganda who are part of the Fields of Life Alumni. Over a period of four weeks we were incredibly inspired as they shared their stories of transformation, worshiped with us and also moved us with their passion and determination to build a school in Karamoja, Northern Uganda.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the Fields of Life Alumni throughout the Storytellers Tour. It would not have been the success it was without our sponsors, our hospitable hosts, the churches, schools and venues who kindly held concerts and everyone who came along to our events. Thanks to the incredible generosity of everyone involved, an amazing £16,364 was raised towards the Karamoja School Build project. Thank you so much!

In January 2018, our Founder Trevor Stevenson and the Reverend Steve Stockman had the privilege of attending the official ground breaking ceremony where the school in Karamoja will be built.

Reverend Steve Stockman reflects: “The Karamojong have been a little cut off from the rest of Uganda, partly to do with geographic isolation but also because of their desire to remain as they have been. So why was I here? That is a glorious story. I was here for the ground breaking of a new Nursery and Primary School in Komoret, funded by the Fields of Life Alumni. It is the harvest of the harvest. The Alumni, many of them sponsored, whose lives were transformed by the opportunity to go to a school near their homes have grown up and decided to provide for other children what had been gifted to them! As we left through the scrubland, that would be hard to define as a road, I could not help but wonder what this school would open up in Komoret and the greater Karamoja region. Fields of Life’s tagline “Changing Lives, Transforming Communities, Building Hope”, ran around my head. The fact that the Alumni were behind this new venture is, in so many ways, a hope built and fulfilled and ground being broken for a new hope just beginning!”

Read Steve’s full blog here.