Back to School 25 Years Later!

This month we would like to introduce you to Simon Peter Mwenkanya. 25 years ago Simon attended Living Hope Primary School as a pupil but now he is the Headmaster!

“I vividly remember my time as a pupil at Living Hope Primary School, sitting on papyrus leaves under trees or running home for shelter whenever it rained. One day we had western visitors and for the first time a meal was prepared by the school. We were so excited and even got to take the leftovers home!”

Simon grew up as an only child. His father passed away when he was 9 months old and while his mother, a teacher at the same school, could not afford to pay for secondary education. Fields of Life visited Living Hope Primary School that year and Simon was among the pupils selected to receive sponsorship support.

“It was a miracle for me. I was able to join Shammah High School in Luwero under Fields of Life support. They gave me school necessities as well as food and lanterns to take back home during the Christmas break,” he recalls.

After completing his secondary education, Simon joined University and studied Education with a major in Physics. Following Simon’s graduation, an opportunity to teach at his former primary school came up, he applied and passed the interview. Simon was delighted to be appointed as the new mathematics teacher!

“It was a privilege to come back and teach at my former school. My memories as a child came rushing back. I was excited that the children are now being taught in classes and not under trees.”

The school quickly recognized Simon’s leadership skills and he was given multiple opportunities to develop this. “In 2015, the head teacher of the school left. I saw this as an opportunity to lead. I applied for the job and because of my previous experience in leadership roles, I got the job.”

As the new headteacher, Simon’s desire is to see the spirit of teamwork increasing among the teachers and to see the school develop. “I believe in uplifting others and that the success of the school is due to teamwork,” he says.

Through Simon’s leadership, the performance of the school has improved greatly. In 2018, Living Hope Primary school excelled academically and the numbers of pupils in attendance continues to grow. Simon is very grateful for the opportunities that he was given at a young age and is ensuring that Living Hope Primary school continues to give back to the local community.

We involve the community in our school farming activities and training in liquid soap making. We also join together with the community members in cleaning the neighbourhood around the school. I have managed to achieve all of this because of the support that Fields of Life gave to me.”

You too can help children achieve their full

potential through our child sponsorship programme!


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