A bar of soap and a bag of salt

In recent weeks our partners in Maridi, South Sudan have experienced heavy fighting and helicopter bombardments in the eastern and southern parts of the County. According to Bishop Justin this was caused by government troops pursuing the opposition fighters as the ex-Vice President, Riak Machar, was travelling through on his way to DR Congo.

Fields of Life’s David Gough has been keeping in close contact with Bishop Justin as he makes preparations for a team visit in January 2017. In a recent email the Bishop explains what happened and the consequences.

“We are in need of support for the Christians of Eddi Archdeaconry who have been terribly affected in the recent struggle between the opposition and the government. As Riak Machar crossed with his forces through Eddi to the DR Congo, they consumed all the food items from the local population, terrorising and traumatising the people. Shortly afterwards the government came and bombed the area and brought a huge number of soldiers who then looted, killed and scattered the local population to five locations.”

He continued, “The army eventually moved from the area so we sent a team to Eddi to carry out a needs assessment and report back on their specific needs. Please pray for the people of Eddi and if it would be possible, please assist our 86 Pastors and their families with a bar of soap and a bag of salt.”

Bishop Justin concludes by describing the general situation, “Besides the incident in Eddi, the scarcity and high prices of commodities, and the displacement of people, I can report that there is now calm and Maridi town is again peaceful.”

All they asked for was a bar of soap and a bag of salt. In reality they have nothing, fleeing only with what they could carry. In the coming days Fields of Life will launch a public appeal to provide food and non-food items to over 2,500 people. Please prayerfully consider this appeal and give what you can afford to assist the beleaguered people of Eddi.

For more information, please email [email protected]

South Sudan Appeal

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