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My name is Taylor Cook and I’m an aspiring mountaineer and climber currently living in Birmingham, Alabama. In June, I launched a project called Beyond Yourself with an ultimate dream of making a difference and helping people around the world.Taylor Cook founder of Beyond Yourself Project

Beyond Yourself is a multi-year project to climb the highest peak on each continent, with goals to raise money and awareness for Fields of Life and start an organization that helps people achieve their own wildest dreams and use them to make a difference in the world. My hope is that as I embark on and document this journey that you are encouraged to live for more. To inspire you to live and pursue your biggest dreams. To encourage you to make a difference. To live beyond yourself.

I decided very early on in the development of this project that I didn’t want this to be about just me or my goal. I wanted it to be about more. More than just climbing mountains. I wanted to use this dream that I had to do something. After extensive research on many charities and organizations, I came across Fields of Life. I had already heard of FOL through the story of Ian Taylor, whose trekking company I’ll be going on a lot of the climbs with, but I hadn’t done much looking into it myself. It was an instant connection and I knew that I wanted to partner with them through this process. Over the coming years, as I climb these mountains, we hope to raise money for various projects through Fields of Life.

The first project we will be raising funds for is the I AM GIRL initiative. I love this area of FOL because it shines a light on issues such as gender equality, menstrual hygiene management, gender-based violence, and child protection and acts on it. This is a program that is truly making a difference in the communities of East Africa. I am incredibly excited to be a part of making real change happen, and I’d love for you to be a part of it too!Beyond Yourself Project Logo
For more information on Beyond Yourself, please visit or email me at [email protected] To give to Fields of Life, please visit
Thank you!
Taylor Cook

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