Brymec Partner with Fields of Life to bring clean water to East Africa

Nationwide building services supplier and manufacturer Brymec has partnered with Fields of Life to raise critical funds for those living without clean water in East Africa.

Brymec proudly launched the Brymec Foundation to support its charitable efforts with organisations including Fields of Life, which works to bring clean water to communities living in Uganda and other areas of East Africa.

The foundation’s primary focus is to raise money for the building of wells in regions across East Africa; providing a sustainable source of clean water for communities that usually have to walk for miles each day in the heat to a contaminated water source.

In East African countries such as Uganda, there is a devastating lack of clean and fresh water – meaning many have to travel miles on-foot to unsafe sources. Shocking figures show that many are struck down with water-related illnesses – with more than 1,400 children losing their life every day from diarrhoea caused from unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Education among the young in East Africa is also at a low, with children having to spend hours collecting water rather than attending school. Young girls are also regularly under the risk of attack due to having to fetch water alone.

Fields of Life has made it their mission to change this. The charity collaborates with local communities in East Africa to provide quality education, clean water, health promotion and other community-based projects. Their in-country specialist team drill the wells using their dedicated equipment, to provide key clean water sources for communities.

With the launch of the Brymec Foundation, further essential funds can be raised towards the building of the wells – with one already built in Uganda.

Director of Brymec, Luke Reiner, said: “We launched the Brymec Foundation and partnered with Fields of Life as we share similar values, and we wanted to do something that would provide worthwhile support for those in need.

“We are hoping to visit Uganda as our second well is being drilled. To experience the team breaking water and to experience the local community’s reactions and what it means to them would be amazing. We are also hoping for the chance to visit our first well and witness the impact it has had on the community there.”

Brymec – a leading building services components distributor, with offices in Surrey, Belfast, Edinburgh, Gloucester and London – has recently branched out into the manufacturing side of the industry and has launched new products under the Brymec brand with more to follow. These items, when sold, will then help to support the Brymec Foundation and its worthwhile cause.

Head of development and fundraising at Fields of Life GB, Debbie Cameron, said: “The lack of available clean water in East Africa is deeply concerning and it’s hard to believe that in 2019, 844 million people still don’t have access to clean water* – that’s approximately one ninth of the world’s population.

“We are so happy to be partnering with Brymec, and to launch the foundation to further help those in need. It is greatly appreciated.”

Fields of Life is a registered charity in the UK, Uganda, Ireland and USA, with its GB office opening four years ago in Kent. Since the inception of the organisation in Ireland in 1993, Fields of Life has built a total of 750 boreholes in some of the remotest parts of Uganda and South Sudan to bring clean, safe water to hundreds of thousands of people. The wells drilled are typically 50-100 metres deep and can provide more than 300 people with clean, safe water every day.

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