Burundi Crisis Appeal – Update

The violence continues in Burundi where last week two people were injured in a grenade attack in the capital Bujumbura, the latest incident in the ongoing conflict. International monitors fear that this could spiral into civil war and ethnic violence.

One of Field of Life’s partners explains why he and his family remain in the country, “Burundi is in a terrible state. It’s hard to see, humanly-speaking, how things are going to improve. But we believe in the God of the impossible, and Burundi is our home. We want to be with our friends and colleagues and go through these dark times together.”

He continues, “It’s an extremely tense, fear-filled, and fragile situation. Rumours abound. Dead bodies are regularly found on the streets. The country is at a critical moment in its history, please help us in whatever way you can and pray for us.”

The United Nations estimates that 400 people have already been killed. More than 220,000 people have fled the country since April, into bordering countries with over 100,000 in Tanzania. Rwanda reports it is hosting more than 73,000 Burundian refugees.

Fields of Life is supporting church partners on the ground in Burundi providing essential relief supplies to support thousands of internally displaced people and where it is needed most. Please support our BURUNDI CRISIS APPEAL and help us make a real difference.

Fields of Life Burundi Crisis Appeal

Fields of Life Burundi Crisis Appeal