Burundi Crisis Appeal

While the world watches on, please don’t turn a blind eye on Burundi this Christmas; a country in turmoil.

According to the World Bank, Burundi with it’s population of 10.4 million, is the second poorest nation on earth, where life expectancy is only 54 years. The country is struggling to emerge from a 12-year, ethnic-based civil war and recent escalations of violence, have resulted in the deaths of nearly 300 people with more than 200,000 fleeing the fighting to surrounding countries.

On 1st December UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, said that Burundi could be on the brink of a war that could have disastrous effects in an already fragile region.

We are praying that peace may prevail and reign in Burundi this Christmas.

Fields of Life has been working with our church partners in Burundi for ten years; “We are extremely concerned how increasing poverty levels, resulting directly from the crisis, is having an impact on the most vulnerable communities, and we feel compelled to act and help our partners on the ground” (Richard Spratt, CEO).

Richard continued, “Food prices have risen sharply and increasingly families are finding it impossible to feed themselves exacerbating the fact that already 4 out of 5 Burundians live on 80p a day.” Burundi has one of the highest rates of malnutrition among the world’s poorest nations. Life is changing considerably since the onset of this crisis. Hundreds of families struggle daily to survive because of loss of jobs and the lack of income. Normal life is being made more difficult because of the insecurity in many parts of the country, particularly in the capital, Bujumbura.

During one of our partner’s recent emergency food distributions, a father-of-four said: “We would have died if you hadn’t come!”

Friends, it is only with your support that we can bring hope to thousands of the most vulnerable in Burundi…Please help; a little will go a long way in Burundi this Christmas.

If you would like to donate to the Burundi Crisis Appeal, your gift will go towards helping our partners distribute lifesaving supplies to thousands of internally displaced people; including food relief, shelter, mosquito nets, blankets, clothing, kitchen sets, female hygiene kits and our partners, who are there for the long term, will intentionally promote peace, provide education, health care, rescue street children and tackle hunger and malnutrition.

We are asking you to stand with us and support this beautiful nation.

These are some of the things your gift can do:

£20 can feed a family for a month;

£40 to subsidise a cow which provides food and an income for a family with 6 children;

£60 can pay for a radio programme to reach 200,000 people with the Christian message of hope;

£100 can help support a teacher’s salary;

£200  can help a family which has lost everything to set up a small business;

£500 can train 50 church and community leaders in conflict prevention and trauma counselling.

Be assured your gift, whatever the amount, will go where it is needed most.

Visit our donate section or call our office on 02838 390395 to donate to the Burundi Crisis Appeal.