Celebrating Water for Life

This month we are celebrating 10 years and over £1million raised by the Water for Life team!

A drilling rig strikes water

The group from Northern Ireland travelled to Uganda on a fact-finding trip in October 2010. Whilst in Uganda, they saw a wide spectrum of Fields of Life’s work, from schools to water projects. They discovered that Fields of Life only owned one drilling rig, which was limited in the depth and types of well it could dig. When they returned home, the team decided that they would commit to raising £200,000 to fund a new drilling rig and the first 25 wells.

They called this new fundraising initiative ‘Water for Life’, and it was launched in March 2011. By September 2011, just 6 months later, the team had already raised £100,000! They had set a target of two years, but hit their £200,000 goal ahead of target in October 2012. Their efforts purchased a new drilling rig and trained a drilling crew, who got straight to work bringing safe clean water to rural communities in Uganda.


A woman using a hand pumpClean water can transform a rural community. Fields of Life drilled a well in the village of Rembe last year, and one resident, 23 year old mother of 2, Kiden Italian spoke of the difference it would make:

“We had to fetch water from a borehole that was 2 km away. Three villages shared this borehole, so it was very congested and tensions were high. Sometimes I would

 leave my house at 3pm to fetch water and not return until 7pm! Many of us experienced chest and neck pains and fatigue after the long journey carrying heavy jerry cans.

We are so happy that now, water is nearby and so plentiful. Thank you for bringing a borehole to us!”


In the decade since the group first formed, Fields of Life have continued to accommodate fact-finding teams, and the Water for Life team has continued to grow. Thanks to the passionate fundraising efforts of the Water for Life team and all who have generously supported them, hundreds of thousands of people in Uganda now have access to safe clean water!

While travel to East Africa is restricted due to Covid-19, we are excited to virtually bring you to a rural village in Eastern Uganda to see our drilling team at work. We are holding a virtual celebration event on Thursday 8th March at 8pm. Access to a safe and fresh water source is now more important than ever and we hope you can join with us as our team bring clean water and transformative hope to a community. You can find more information, and sign up, here!

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