Clean water has been a blessing to our school!

Have you ever considered the impact a lack of clean water has on a school?

Amucu Primary School is located in the heart of Amuria district, it has 1,100 pupils, but lacks it’s own source of safe, clean water.

Pupils had to walk to the nearest water source which was in a neighbourhood that had over 1,500 households, and also supported another school with over 400 pupils, so was often very heavily congested. As a result, pupils from Amucu Primary School were often denied access to the borehole or they had to queue for long hours, just to get safe drinking water.

Sister Vererandah, the Headteacher of Amucu Primary School, gives an account of their situation:

“The borehole was always congested with the community members and the students from the other school, yet our school also depends entirely on the same source of water for all the activities at school! This usually led to delayed meals and a lack of water at the toilets. This situation had led to an increase in sanitation related diseases and also an increased rate of absenteeism in the school. Further still, the borehole would regulary break down due to the large number of users; it was always important to make sure that the borehole was repaired as soon as possible, otherwise the school would operate without water. However, this was affecting the school resources, because a lot of money was being spent on these regular repairs.

Amucu Primary School are very grateful and thankful to Abbey Primary School in Newtownards, and Fields of Life, who came to our rescue with a borehole within the school premises!

This borehole is a real blessing to our school because we can access water at any time, meals are prepared on time, and the school sanitation team is improving access to hand washing facilities in the school which has greatly reduced the number of sanitation related diseases in the school.

In addition to this, having a borehole has increased the number of hours we have with the children each day as we no longer waste our precious school time looking for water; the rate of absenteeism has also drastically reduced and we are very hopeful that overall perfomance will improve in the school which will help us increase our enrollment in the school next year. As a leader of Amucu primary school, I will always ensure that this borehole is well mantained so that it can continue to serve the school”.

This borehole has been a blessing and a testimony to Amucu Primary School which has one of the biggest numbers of pupils in the district.

Amucu Primary School, clean water

Prepared by Daniel Semaganda, Fields of Life Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer