The treasure of clean water in Karamoja

The Karamoja sub-region is one of the most water strained regions in Uganda; here 80% of the people in the region have to walk a distance of 15km to access a contaminated water source that is also used by animals.

Lack of access to safe, clean water sources has affected the region both economically and socially, many lives have been at risk and families spend a large part of their time looking for water. This resulted in very little time to work or go to school, and many people suffered from water borne diseases.

Many of you will have read our Karamoja News Article in February, when we had just received the exciting news that our first successful borehole had been drilled in the Kadacar Community; all the community members are very excited to know how it feels to taste clean water on a daily basis!

We talked to the village chairperson and this is what he had to say; “for all my life time people in our community had been moving miles and miles to access water, and most of the sources we accessed were open wells that we also shared with our animals. The community had to spend 6 hours of the day looking for water, especially in dry seasons, meaning that most people would go without a shower or drinking water for at least two days to save some water for cooking. Our community has also lost very many lives, especially children due to water related problems, and these long distances were a very big risk to our daughters; it was one of the reasons why most of our girls gave birth at a very young stage.

The whole community is very thankful for this treasure of clean water! We believe that this is going to transform the community. This clean water borehole has started a new chapter in the community; no more being thirsty for days and the hygiene of my people will improve. I want to thank Fields of Life for coming to our rescue and we pledge that we are going to take good care of the facility and use it to transform our community. Fields of Life, Changing Lives, Transforming communities and Building Hope in Karamoja which is one of the most neglected regions in the Country!”

Prepared by Daniel Semaganda, Fields of Life Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer