Consumption of clean water was a far-fetched dream!

The family of Mr and Mrs Anthony Opio were forced to drink contaminated water for many years until a Fields of Life borehole was drilled in their village. Mrs Sophia Opio narrates their story…

“My Name is Sophia, I am married to Mr. Anthony Opio, and we have seven children, three boys and four girls. I have grown up in Lira and the consumption of dirty water from a hand dug well had become a way of life for all the years I have lived.

My family had been consuming this water for all our life time and this caused my children suffer from Typhoid, diarrhea and a number of other water related diseases; this greatly affected their lives and I would always spend what little money I had on medication. This also impacted the performance of my children in schools because they would miss classes as a result of a water borne disease.

This was not the only challenge we faced, my children and I would walk for 4 km to access this contaminated water, and this would affect my other work since I needed a lot of time and energy collect this water and bring it home.

I always feared to send my children to pick collect water without me, because the environment harbours a number of dangerous animals like snakes and wild dogs. We also shared this water source with cows.”

Sophia Opio Story of receiving clean water

Fields of Life was blessed to be part of the change in Sophia’s life, through the provision of a clean water source in Amach; this has changed the lives of over 2,000 Ugandans.

Sophia narrates the joy her family has found in using clean water; “in 2011, when a team from Fields of Life came to our village to drill a well it looked unrealistic, because consumption of clean water was still a far-fetched dream to most of the village members. It was overwhelming for all of us in the village, because God has answered our prayers! To my family this water has been a blessing because my children are healthy and clean and this has helped them to avoid missing classes. I want to thank God for the great change it started in my village and may God bless the works of Fields of Life”.

Prepared by Daniel Semaganda, Fields of Life Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer