Cultiv8 (2) 2015

On the 7th of August 2015 the Fields of Life Open Team, Cultiv8 (two), boarded a flight to Uganda, for two weeks, to work in God Cares Christian Primary School and also to run a youth camp at Maranatha Secondary School.

The team of 16, was made up of 13 females and three males and team leader, Carol Mulligan, reflects on their experience in Uganda:

“In the small hours of Saturday 8th August we arrived in Uganda, and after a few hours of sleep at the Fields of Life guesthouse, we traveled to Mityana district, west Uganda, where we would be staying and working for the next two weeks.

Our overall project at God Cares Christian Primary School was a resounding success. The team worked very hard to make sure all projects at God Cares Christian Primary School were completed, and we accomplished a lot more than was originally planned! We held health education seminars, music classes, sport clubs, Bible and craft classes, as well as blackening 17 blackboards, painting a colourful “Fruit of the Spirit” mural on the school gable wall and replacing all existing tippy taps with lovely new water washing barrels (six in total).  We also had the opportunity to repair the existing football posts and netball posts, and we erected new volleyball posts, as well as supplying the school with new netball and volleyball nets.

We ended our week at God Cares Christian Primary School with a celebration; we invited parents to join the children and teachers (400 in total) for a meal of rice, beef and a soda, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!  We then all joined together for a time of singing, dancing and praising God, at the end of which, we presented each teacher with a gift and each child with the gift of a toothbrush and toothpaste. It was a busy week, but a very blessed and rewarding time for everyone concerned.

We had one day off, for some rejuvenation at Lake Mburo National Park, before travelling back to our camp location at Maranatha Secondary School, where we would run a three day youth camp. This was a brilliant three days for the team and the students. We concentrated on running teaching sessions for the Fields of Life Living Well programme, and general sessions of health (I AM GIRL), sport, music, craft and photography.  It was also really encouraging to see that morning devotions were well attended by the students, and the 24/7 prayer room was a good resource for the students and appeared to be well used during the camp.

We concluded with a sports day and camp fire, which all students attended. The school slaughtered a calf, for roasting, as a celebration of thanks to the Cultiv8 (two) team. We were able to provide marshmallows for toasting, as well as health packs for each student. Everyone had a great time singing, dancing and celebrating.

The Cultiv8 (two) team worked very hard to achieve all they set out to do. New friends have been made on both sides of the water and it has been a life changing experience for everyone. Already, some are planning to return to Uganda, the pearl of Africa, a place that touches the heart of everyone who visits!”

Carol Mulligan, Cultiv8 (two) team leader.

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