Cultiv8 Team 2019!

“Well what can I say about my trip to Uganda, so many emotions, so many new experiences, so many beautiful individuals. Leaving Dublin I was full of excitement and expectation for what God would not only do through us but for us whilst in Uganda. He being our faithful Father blessed us on so many levels and through Him we were able to bless and honour the children and teachers.

Despite having meetings prior to going, as a team we really didn’t know that much about each other all coming from different backgrounds, church denominations and dare I mention the ‘Age’ word! We bonded so well growing into an effective, resourceful and supportive team. There were many laughs along the way but also sadness when we realised the difficulties faced by the beautiful Ugandan people as they try to survive and bring their children up in a country where there is a cost to everything not only financial. On our first day in Uganda we attended church and I was overjoyed to see the freedom of worship, the joy and the huge numbers of people praising the Lord. It has focused my prayers to see that same passion back home.

Meeting the Fields of Life Drillers!


The thrill of seeing the skilled Fields of Life engineers drilling for water in a rural village which until then relied on a dirty water source contaminated with human and animal waste, had to be a highlight. Clean water, a basic right that we so often take for granted, offers life and hope for that village population and their sheer delight was humbling. Find out more about Fields of Life  WASH Projects here .

The bus journeys along the red dusty roads I will never forget and I don’t think anyone on the trip will ever forget my singing and actions either! Going on this trip is something I will never forget, it was a privilege that I will always be thankful for. I would encourage anyone who knows God’s prompting to take part, obey Him and go, you will be blessed and be a blessing.”

Ruth, Cultiv8 2019 Team Member


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