Dear Anna…

Josephine is in Primary One and loves to play with her little sister who has joined her in the Fields of Life office in Kampala, Uganda. After greeting the Sponsorship Officer, Josephine asks her sister to go outside and she sits down at a desk in the office. She receives a piece of paper, picks out a pencil, holds it carefully and tilts her head. Writing very neatly, she begins; “Dear Anna*, my name is Josephine…”

On this particular Tuesday, Josephine was one of 25 children in nursery, primary and secondary school who individually visited the Fields of Life office to write letters to their sponsors. Each one taking about an hour to draft, edit and make a final copy. It is very inspiring to watch the children sit down, sharpen their pencils, ponder over their words and write!

The story is the same when the Fields of Life Sponsorship Officers visit Fields of Life partner schools to supervise letter writing, except the letter writing can take anywhere from four hours up to two days at each school! Then there is the sorting, uploading, posting and emailing to all of our generous sponsors.

The joy in the Sponsorship department when all of the letters are accounted for is amazing! Alexis Keni-Keni, Fields of Life Child Sponsorship Co-ordinator states; “How else would you describe a process that connects nearly 3,000 children to 3,000 sponsors in another part of the world?”

The process is challenging, but necessary! Why?

A letter to a sponsor is not just a letter, it is also an update; “Dear Andrew*, I am now at vocational school”; and gratitude; “Dear Lucy*, Thank you for being by my side”; and prayer “Dear Simon*, May God bless you”’.

When the children write, it isn’t just a letter to their sponsors; for many, it is to friends who are changing their lives and transforming their destiny.


*Names have been changed for data protection reasons