Dip for a Sip

Are you up for the challenge this Christmas of taking a dip for a sip?

This Christmas, you could help provide the life saving gift of clean water for a vulnerable community in East Africa. We are asking you to brave the elements and take a dip on Christmas Day (or if that doesn’t suit then any other day over the Christmas period) subject to COVID -19 regulations.

Today, more than 8 million people in Uganda are living without access to clean water. This situation has been made much worse with Covid-19. You can help change that this Christmas.

Sign up today!

Click here to register. Registration £10 which includes your FOL branded swimming cap. By registering you will help provide a vulnerable community with the most basic need, clean water. If you would like to donate more to this vital part of our work, your generosity would be greatly appreciated.

Through our Love Is campaign, your donation for A Dip for a Sip will be doubled! What a way to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021!

*Dip for a Sip is taken at the individual risk and FOL takes no responsibility.

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