Emergency food distribution in Maridi, South Sudan

Thanks to the generosity of Fields of Life supporters we have been able to help hundreds of displaced families in Suuk-Watwat, Maridi.

Following an escalation of unrest between displaced Dinka cattle herders and the local host community, seven cows were killed and the cattle herders retaliated by burning houses and killing people. Many hundreds of people who lived at Suuk-Watwat were displaced as a result of the conflict, with most of them losing their homes along with everything they owned.

At the start of September, Fields of Life made an emergency donation through its partners, the Diocese of Maridi, targeting to provide cooking pans and food items to 300 of the worst affected the displaced people. These include single mothers’, children, widows, widowers and orphans. The items were transported and distributed directly to the people by the Diocesan staff. Each family member received the following items:- a saucepan; 3 bars of soap; 20 kg of maize; 2 kg of ground nuts (peanuts) and 1.5 kg of table salt.

MSF, the international development agency, also provided non-food items to help these beleaguered people to get their lives back together and start again.

Please continue to pray for peace in South Sudan and for our partners in Maridi and Ibba during this time of great uncertainty for the future in the world’s newest country.