Fields of Life commission 3rd Drilling Rig

On 25th March 2016, Fields of Life staff members Bernard Masaba, Yokoyasi Kateu and Caleb Malwadde, travelled to Mmanze Secondary School to commission a new Fields of Life drilling rig.

Caleb tells us, “This was a great event to witness; anxiety, speculation and joy were evident on everyone’s faces. We were welcomed by the school head teacher and his staff, who told us, ‘This is historical, God has finally answered our prayers.’ He was incredibly grateful and continued to thank Fields of Life many times; ‘we thank God who has brought you here, we pray that God blesses Fields of Life, long live Fields of Life’.”

Caleb continues, “Upon our arrival at the school, our drilling team had reported that the machines were in place and they had already started to hit the surface. The drillers did an incredible job; they were operating machines and moving from point to point without even taking a breath. Oils were being poured in, pipes were being filled and hammers were in motion; it was quite marvellous!

By that evening, the drilling team had hit water and we witnessed the first process of water being blown from the ground; Fields of Life Assistant Drilling Superintendent, Isaac Arusi, applauded the efficiency of the new rig. The excitement and cheers of joy from everyone who attended the commissioning were a reflection of how life changing this event would be. Many of these students and community members had been walking long distances to access water and this new drilling rig and borehole was an answer to their prayers.”

Fields of Life 3rd drilling rig