Fields of Life Alumni awarded Gospel Artist of the Year

In January 2016, those who attended the 9th Annual Fields of Life Head Teachers Conference (HTC), had the privilege of hearing from Levixone (Sam Lubyogo); a former Fields of Life Sponsored Child. If you attended any of our Storytellers events in November 2017 you will also have heard Levixone speaking and performing alongside Fields of Life Ambassador Nathan Jess.

This is part of his story…

Levixone was born in 1992, and grew up in the Kosovo slums in Kampala. He did not have the opportunity to grow up with his biological mother or father, but was raised by foster parents. As he began telling his story at the HTC, he stated “not every bad boy deserves to be beaten like a snake!”; he went on to explain that the difficult and abusive environment at home resulted in him leaving.

Levixone was just 9 years old when he began living on the streets.

Survival came through selling water and selling Muchomo (roasted meat on a stick), until eventually, Levixone got a job as a pool attendant. Life was still extremely difficult, and he regularly slept under the pool tables with very little shelter from the weather and dangers around him. It wasn’t long until Levixone and his friends would steal anything they could to make ends meet; sadly, his friends were killed as a result of stealing but he gives thanks to God that he is alive!

He continued; “I lived that life until one day, I was invited to play football at Treasured Kids Primary School, and I was actually quite good at it! We were promised that anyone who scored a goal would be given money; I scored two goals and indeed got the money that helped me to get meals for a few days. In Treasured Kids there was a teacher called Gordon, he told Neil Fox about me and from then my life was changed, as Neil decided to start sponsoring me through Fields of Life.

Thanks to my sponsorship I was put through school and provided with all of the scholastic materials that I needed. The change did not happen overnight, and sometimes I went back to my old ways, but the teachers in Treasured Kids Primary School continued to counsel me, and as things got better, I started to live a changed life.

I then joined a church (Word of Life), and that transformed my life! I loved music and I joined with some of my friends to sing, and we kept on practicing, until I had completed my levels. We have now won a number of awards, and just in January, I was awarded Male Gospel Artist of the year 2015 in Uganda.

I promise to serve the people, as God made my way to be what I am now. Every year we give back to the community (Kosovo Challenge) by providing school materials for the children who can’t afford to buy them. In 2014 we were able to feed 214 families with Christmas packages.

Thanks to Fields of Life, and my sponsor, for giving me the opportunity to go to school and have a career that I love doing today, as I reach out to many souls through my music.

God bless every hand that gives.”

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