Fields of Life provide clean drinking water in Karamoja

‘We have a serious task at hand,’ said Filbert the Deputy Executive Director of Fields of Life. He was part of the team that was visiting Karamoja for the first time. An area not known to Fields of life before and one rumored to be difficult to work in. Numerous reports have been received from various sources on the difficulty associated with drilling wells, and providing clean drinking water in the region and yet here we are now faced with 3 districts to serve the arid region.

Whenever I walk in the burning sands of dry river beds in Karamoja, I understand man’s true size, because its vast tough nature reminds me of how small we are compared with God. When I look at its sands, I imagine all the millions of people in the world who were born equal, even if the world has not always been fair to all of them. Its empty hills help me to meditate, and when I see the sun coming up over the draught stricken horizon, my soul fills with doubt of whether we shall be able to provide safe water for the people of Karamoja.’

Time check, 11:30am, we are at this homestead with several small huts and young ladies whom I later learn are actually mothers. Hungry looking children cling to their mothers skirts, scared of the muzungus in the team that has visited. They are probably seeing these people with white skin for the first time. The thought of failing to serve these poor children dampens the mood further and I keep remembering the numerous reports from other driller’s dry well experiences in the region.

The team traverses the region and sets off back for Kampala but the look of uncertainty is clearly worn by everyone. It’s clear that we are all thinking “shall we manage?”.

Little did we know that God had his hands on the drilling hammers! A week after we receive good news that the first well had just been drilled in an area where not only have other wells either failed or have hard water but also this was after drilling only 38 meters.

This has been very motivational and now we can go on to drill other wells knowing God is in control and he wants the children in Karamoja served.